- Become part of one of the top internationally recognized FMA organizations.
- Requirement for all students wishing to test for rank in FCS
- Allows you to attend the Members Only Pre-Gathering Training Night
- Official FCS Membership Card
- Official FCS Membership certificate
- Free FCS T-shirt (please specify size)

*School owners will be listed on Official FCS Directory

Price: $50.00 at

Long distance training
Many people who wanted to do long distance training have asked us to
develop this curriculum video series. Not everyone can come to Florida to
train, or host a seminar. These videos have been a valuable tool in helping us spread the art. I've had several people come to The Gatherings having had only the videos for their instruction. I have been pleased with the results. Of course there is no substitute for an actual FCS instructor, and you still have to have the basic skills needed in any martial art. The videos however, do an excellent job documenting and teaching the required materials.

For long distance training, the student must practice the material on the
videos along with the basic skills. He can then test for each level with any
FCS instructor. If an FCS Instructor is not available. He must then send a
video of himself performing the required material for evaluation. This is
for level 1-4.

For level 5 through instructor level, the student must test at one of the
Gatherings (Tampa, or Puerto Rico).

This title is given to the practitioner who has been placed in charge of establishing FCS in a given region. No particular rank is required for this position. A regional representative is not necessarily an Instructor, Guro, or Lakan. Nor can he make such claims unless he is the holder of such a rank.

Representative Protocol
The protocols have been in place since the beginning of FCS in order to avoid situations. I place a great deal of trust in the Representatives, so they deserve a certain measure of respect. They are in charge of FCS in their country, state, or region. The FCS Representative for the area must always be contacted when scheduling any FCS Event.

FCS Representatives are free to expand to countries that do not yet have representatives. They are also free to work on projects together with other Representatives. However, they are not to invade the area of another Representative. Also they are not to recruit students away from other instructors regardless of system or school. To do so is considered a great offense.
As long as there is a Representative in an area, all FCS Seminars should Go through him/her, or at least ask for his/her permission. I only do seminars through my representatives.
FCS has grown and prospered for everyone because we have always followed these principles, and respected each other as a family should.
It has nothing to do with money.
It has nothing to do with expanding the art.
It has nothing to do with marketing.
It has everything to do with what is right.
1. Respect each other and the family.
2. A deal is a deal.
3. What is right is what is right.
4. When in doubt, read it again.
5. If still in doubt, ask someone else to read it to you.

Tuhon Ray Dionaldo