The protocols have been in place since the beginning of FCS in order to avoid situations. I place a great deal of trust in the Representatives, so they deserve a certain measure of respect. They are in charge of FCS in their country, state, or region. The FCS Representative for the area must always be contacted when scheduling any FCS Event.

FCS Representatives are free to work on projects together with other Representatives. However, they are not to  invade the area of another Representative. Also they are not to recruit students away from other instructors regardless of system or school. To do so is considered a great offense. 

An FCS Representative must reside in the area that he/she is in charge of. As long as There is a Representative in a area, all FCS Seminars should Go through him/her, or at least ask for his/her permission.

FCS has grown and prospered for everyone because we have always followed these principles, and respected each other as a family should.

It has nothing to do with money.

It has nothing to do with expanding the art.

It has nothing to do with marketing.

It has everything to do with what is right.

1. Respect each other and the family.

2. A deal is a deal.

3. What is right is what is right.

4. When in doubt, read it again.

5. If still in doubt, ask someone else to read it to you.

Tuhon Ray Dionaldo